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Discover The Exact Strategy I Used to Grow Our Technology Services Company From ZERO to $75 MILLION! (Using Security)
The House & The Cloud Gives You The Step-by-Step to Quickly Move Business Leaders To Action - Using Security and Risk Awareness to Sell Technology and 
Managed Services! 
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The Hard Truth: 

Just About Everything You've Been Told About Selling Managed Services is WRONG...IT Services is a Commodity Business!!!!
That's why, no matter how many calls you make, how many emails you send out, or how many new sales people you hire, recurring revenue will continue to be flat or declining! 

So Now What?
The House & The Cloud shows you step-by-step how to attract business leaders with liability..., How to grab their attention with the one big mistake 90% of businesses are making...It's a simple strategy, yet your competition is leaving out this one key the book I'll show you a proven method for attracting the right people with absolute justification for moving more "Old School" solution selling and objection handling...
So, if you're a technology reseller or managed service provider looking to attract new business...  Here’s a ONE-Time-Only Chance to Get The Ultimate Security Sales Strategy For Just $1.00. Adding managed security services will give you the boost you need! But this not just about firewall management.  This book provides the step-by-step formula for closing HIGH-MARGIN RECURRING REVENUE contracts!

Does It Work? YES! I recently used this message with a group of 34 business owners, signing up all 34 for a follow up risk assessment (which is also explained in the book)...will we find security holes that need to be addressed? Yes! And that creates opportunity...
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Here are Just a Few Of The Things You'll Get With The House & The Cloud...
  • Why right now is the time to introduce managed security services to your offerings: The security I'm talking about isn't just firewall management. Security is a discipline with the potential to 5X your current monthly contracts
  •  3 Questions you should ask at the start of every sales meeting: Old school solution selling is frustrating business leaders as every sales person sounds the same - acts the same - and competes on price! We'll give you a completely new approach - one I've been using for over 20 years! 
  • Discover the one BIG mistake almost every business is making with security, and a simple fix you can provide through a managed offering.
  • Four things buyers buy regardless of the economy.  If you're selling anything else, you're selling a commodity, and lower prices is your only path to winning - a path that will slowly kill your business.
  • An answer to every business leaders' biggest security question - "What's our exposure": Answering this one simple questions quickly sets you apart from your competition!
  • Tricks to sharing your value proposition without the annoying "Elevator Pitch" so many sales books teach.
  • The key to assessing risk and delivering an assessment, leading to immediate action.
  • The incredibly powerful message (based on neuroscience) I've used to convert large audiences to business in a single hour!
  • How to sound like an expert with Security Compliance, without going back to school!  (This strategy works with any compliance regulation including HIPAA, GLBA, PCI, GDRP, etc...
This book reveals powerful, proven strategies to attracting customers, clients, and recurring revenue in abundance... I'm talking about long-term highly profitable business. You’ll discover exactly how “Cybersecurity and Risk Exposure” can create true freedom, stability, and prosperity for your business.  

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Who Is David Stelzl?
It was 1995, we were hitting a wall on business growth - stuck at the $1 Million Mark, mostly hardware sales....Many of you have been there.

We thought we just needed more appointments - more leads! We were wrong...more leads means more meetings, however, it does not mean more sales when you're in a commodity market.

It was that same year I entered the SECURITY MARKET...and through lots of trial and error, made our way back to BIG GROWTH...those early years were tough, but I owe everything to some very smart people who pointed me in the right I teach and coach all over the world, helping companies like yours achieve success by effectively addressing the URGENT SECURITY MARKET!  
Here's What Others Are Saying About The House & The Cloud
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"A Must Read!" - Marcellus Groves, Reseller

Anyone who's interested in building a successful cyber security practice, I highly recommend working with Mr. David Stelzl. David's strategy is in a league of it's own. The knowledge and insight David offers has high value for addressing executives and business owners that need assistance with security-related challenges. David's guidance will direct you in a more efficient way to call on accounts your targeting. This is a MUST READ! 

"400% of Quota in 6 Months! - Tom Hagin, All Covered

“This works! I attended David's training over seven years ago and it changed my entire sales process. Now I’ve gone through a second time. Using these strategies I am closing more business with higher margins. This month I made top sales rep out of a team of 114, and hit over 400% of my quota!”

"120% of Quota in 6 Months!" - Dan Pawlak, Akamai

Thanks, David! I read your book after we spoke last year. It was a great refresher and I used these concepts when working to convince several large cloud and SAAS providers to license security products from our company... My mid-year I was already at 120% of my annual goal!

"Don't Miss This!" - John Bruno, Cisco Channels

Well, David’s done it again. His latest book, The House & The Cloud, brings forward the latest positioning of why Security is so important and “how to succeed” in not only selling Security but how to become a trusted advisor to your clients.  Please don’t miss reading David’s book. As well, please go to David’s website;  David has a number of offerings from consulting to newsletters to training and more that we can all benefit from; Cisco, our Partners, and our clients.
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